Our treatment works by using a combination of nerve stimulation and sound therapy.

Get relief from your tinnitus with combined nerve stimulation sound therapy

Discover how we are combining new digital technologies and cutting edge research  to revolutionise the way we treat tinnitus.

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Our SaluSTIM treatment can be used anywhere, without the need for surgery.


We pride ourselves on providing the best service possible to every patient.  

Patient Care

We track your progress using our online patient registration and report system.


Learn about the pioneering research that has led to the innovations in treatment. 

pioneering research

Backed by the Helsinki Ear Institute, a leading European Tinnitus clinic.

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Tinnitus Treatment Centre has committed to the mission of Increasing the quality of life for Tinnitus sufferers worldwide.

This mission has been undertaken through the development of a treatment plan harnessing the joint effectiveness of transcutaneous vagus nerve stimulation (tVNS) and sound therapy (ST). We also focus on education as a priority in conjunction with our treatments; that is, educating healthcare professionals and tinnitus sufferers of the progress made in understanding the mechanisms of Tinnitus and the breakthrough treatment options that are available.

what we offer

Salustim device

sound therapy

Our treatment helps

The SaluStim treats your tinnitus through tVNS (Transcutaneous Vagus Nerve Stimulation) Therapy.

Specially designed Sound Therapy treats your tinnitus with targeted plasticity changes in the brain. 

Tinnitus sufferers experiencing: 

  1. Heightened sensitivity to sound 
  2. Anxiety 
  3. Heightened stress response  
  4. Lack of sleep 
  5. Depression 

why is our treatment so successful?

Our device stimulates the vagus nerve from the ear; this treatment, when used with sound therapy has been shown to reduce tinnitus loudness and tinnitus associated stress. 


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  • Dual treatment approach 
  • Tried and tested treatment packages
  • New nerve stimulation technologies
  • Led by a leading european tinnitus clinic

We understand each tinnitus case is different, this is why our treatments are specific to you.

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