We are committed to the mission of Increasing the quality of life for Tinnitus sufferers worldwide.



Nathan Dundovic

Founder & CEO


With a background in the medical device industry and experience in design, Nathan leads development at Parasym. He is passionate about empowering people with new technologies to help increase their quality of life.



Prof. Jukka Ylikoski, MD, PhD

Clinical Partner 


Emeritus professor & chairman of the Department of ENT in Helsinki University Hospital. Dr. Ylikoski has decades of clinical experience and holds over 200 Journal publications, with expertise in hearing loss and tinnitus.



Dr. David Charney, MD  

Clinical Partner


Founder and Medical Director of Roundhouse Square Counseling Center. Dr. Charney is a Psychiatrist with decades of experience working with novel treatments for mental health issues such as tDCS.






The Tinnitus Treatment Centre is part of Parasym Health and focuses on increasing the quality of life of Tinnitus patients with their home use therapy. 

Hundreds of patients now have a better quality of life because of the treatment they received. 

Our partnership with the HEI also means we are committed to continued R&D and are regularly making improvements to treatment.


Sophie Dundovic

Founder & COO


Sophie leads operations at Parasym. A graduate of Cambridge University, she has worked on digital health technologies and behavioural interventions both in industry and at research institutions in the UK and Germany.



Dr. Rose Penfold

Clinical Partner 


Academic medical doctor with degrees from Cambridge and Oxford Universities. Alongside ongoing research into chronic disease management, she applies her medical experience to technological innovation in the clinical environment.



Dr. Simon Rudland

Research Partner


Senior GP and Senior Honorary Lecturer and UAE, Dr. Rudland facilitates research and new technology development between General Practice, University partners and digital health companies.




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