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We know that everyone's Tinnitus is different, and we treat everyone as an individual; specific to your severity. 

Take our Tinnitus assessment below to see how best we can best help you. This is the 'Global Tinnitus Severity' questionaire, composing of three simple metrics, giving a numerical score of your Tinnitus severity. 



1. How much of a problem is your tinnitus at present? 

 not a problem > a small problem > a moderate problem > a big problem > a very big problem 



 2. How STRONG or LOUD is your tinnitus at present? 

Not at all strong or loud > extremely strong or loud 



3. How ANNOYING is your tinnitus at present? 

Not at all annoying > extremely annoying 



How to work out your score: Take your answer from Q1, multiply it by 4, then add it to your answers from Q2 and Q3. 


Q1 Answer: 5

Q2 Answer: 5

Q3 Answer:  6

(5 x 4) + 5 + 6 = 20 + 11 = 31



Below are two tools where you can hear a range of frequencies, this will allow you to pinpoint the Tinnitus frequency (Hz) that you perceive. 

Frequencies range from 0Hz-20,000Hz

Typically people have a PTF (Perceived Tinnitus Frequency) of between 8,000Hz-15,000Hz. The more accurate you can be with your diagnostic of this the better.

Keep in mind that you might have pinpointed your frequency (correct note) but not have your correct Octave. i.e. one octave up or one octave down will sound similar but be a very different frequency (i.e. 4,000Hz and 8,000Hz). Double check this by halving or doubling your frequency. 


Frequency Tool #1 - Click here 

Frequency Tool #2 - Click here



Once you have purchased/subscribed to the TTC treatment package and completed your personal diagnostic (to determine your perceived tinnitus frequency) and GTS score- you can then email with your Name, Frequency and Score to -

admin (at) tinnitustreatmentcentre (dot) com

We will then get you set up with the second part of your treatment- your Tailored Sound Therapy



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