Transcutaneous Vagus Nerve Stimulation with Parasym

The Parasym is a small device that delivers mild, intermittently pulsed electrical signals (microcurrents) through the skin of the patient’s left outer ear. The target of  this stimulation is the auricular branch of the vagus nerve. The stimulation is further transmitted to the brain, and various areas of the brain are activated (in the same way as shown to occur after VNS with an implanted electrode).

VNS has been shown to induce widespread bilateral effects in areas of the brain implicated in seizures and mood disorders and responsible for modulation of key neurotransmitters such as serotonin and norepinephrine. Using an inbuilt adjustment system health professionals or the patients themselves can adjust the duration, frequency and intensity of stimulation.

Reduction in tinnitus was demonstrated in patients who had suffered from moderate or severe tinnitus (Lehtimäki et al 2013). Stimulation was carried out in sessions of one hour each, sound therapy was applied simultaneously. Tinnitus loudness and annoyance, and tinnitus handicap inventory were registered before and after treatment.

tVNS consistently reduced the subjective loudness and annoyance of tinnitus. The average scores of the THI were lowered by 20 and 5 points, respectively. Along with many other reporting studies tVNS and combined Sound Therapy appears to have a beneficial effect on reducing patients tinnitus and tinnitus-related stress, increasing significantly the patients` coherence and subjective well-being. Heart rate monitoring during the tVNS treatments showed no cardiac or circulatory effects (e.g. bradycardia) in any of the patients.  




The Parasym device and earclip electrode  target the Vagus Nerve, sending micropulses of electrical current through the tragus.


Setup is simple with our quick start guide.



The gold plated conductor electrode is used for stimulation, attaching to the tragus of the left ear.


The electrode fits comfortably just like wearing a pair of headphones.



Stimulating the Vagus Nerve promotes neural plasticity, which when paired with our specially designed sound therapy, targets the specific area of the brain that is implicated with tinnitus generation. 


Research has shown that when tVNS is used for at least 1hr per day with Sound Therapy, the maladaptive plasticity that is thought to contribute to tinnitus can be reversed, leading to decreases in tinnitus associated loudness, stress and annoyance. 






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